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We believe you will be extremely satisfied with the work we provide and that you will be impressed with our level of professionalism. 

Here is what sets us apart from other disc golf course designers in the business:

  • Combined, we have been playing the game for approximately 75 years. We have played disc golf all over the country and internationally.  We are experts in understanding the variables that make disc golf courses great. 
  • We work collaboratively as a design team instead of solo as one person. So the final design is an accumulation of input from our entire team. 
  • We have designed courses that range from championship course layouts to recreational play, often achieving both within the same course by utilizing different tee pad placements. 
  • Our disc golf skills range in ability from professional-level rating to intermediate level rating; we see the holes we design from different levels of ability.  
  • We have completed turnkey projects, having installed numerous courses for our clients and government entities. We know how to use heavy machinery including skid steers, track hoes, and chainsaws.
  • We are artists and visionaries. We have the unique ability to see a property as it is in its current state and then envision what it could be. 
  • We are the authors of the comprehensive, PDGA approved book “The Definitive Guide to Disc Golf” – published by the leading sports publisher Triumph Books. Please buy a copy at We also have published numerous other articles on the sport.
  • One of our designers is the past president of the Professional Disc Golf Association Board serving from 2015 -2021.
  • We have an alliance with a well-known traditional golf course design company. They have traveled around the world designing and overseeing the construction of million-dollar golf courses. They are responsible for the renovations of the Augusta National Golf Club.
  • We have multiple higher education advanced degrees that include: M.A. in Human and Organizational Development, and a Ph. D. in Kinesiology.  
  • We all consider ourselves environmentalists and naturalists who are committed to low-impact design.
  • Our price will be better for your budget.