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What a fantastic disc golf course! The Cartoogechaye Elementary School course is used by the physical education program as well as the community.  This was among the most popular activities that we implemented into our program and community in my 30 years of teaching.

Sarah Lowell, A teacher whose innovative PE program was recognized as one of the top 25 in the U.S.

I am honored to write a testimony on behalf of Ryan Pickens and the Disc Golf Design Group. Ryan helped bring joy, movement, and outdoor recreation to our school campus. The Disc Golf Design Group spent countless hours designing and building a disc golf course that will stand the test of time, bringing fun and excitement to the life of our students. They were respectful of our campus traditions and special areas, taking time to listen to our thoughts before sharing their vision.  It was a pleasure to work with Ryan and his team. Each time I pass a disc golf hole on our campus or see a student hurling a disc towards a net, I smile and am so thankful for the work of the Disc Golf Design Group!

Mary Elizabeth Martin – Asheville School

As a 30+ year employee of the Buncombe County Parks and Recreation Department I spent a lot of time searching for ways to improve our Parks.  One such project was a large parcel of land at Lake Julian Park that left us limited on options for improvements.  We had the idea that we would like to add a disc golf course to this area but we were unsure that we could make it happen.  After meeting with Ryan Pickens of Disc Golf Design Group we had no doubt that we could not only succeed with this project, but Ryan gave us the confidence that we could turn this project into something that would make the Department and Community proud.  Ryan and the Disc Golf Design Group designed our new course and built it by clearing fairways and constructing teepads.  After seeing how he approached the project for us I would highly recommend Ryan and the Disc Golf Design Group for design and construction of any future disc golf courses. Ryan is still involved with our project and overseeing future improvements to our course.  We continue to be extremely pleased.

David Blynt – Lake Julian Park Manager 

“When we put in a disc golf course at Camp Grier we were new to the sport but knew it could add tremendous value to our property and to the experience of our guests and campers. We reached out to Jay with Disc Golf Design Group and he was knowledgeable, professional, and gracious with his time and talents. He designed a course that is fun, unique, and meets the needs of all of our visitors. He also helped guide us on equipment and connected us to the right vendors who delivered on time and on budget. We highly recommend his services and look forward to working with their team on a future disc golf expansion at Camp Grier!”

– Jason McDougald, Executive Director Camp Grier