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Course Infrastructure

Disc Golf Baskets/Targets

We have relationships with the major disc golf manufacturers and can order baskets from your choice of manufacturer. Baskets can be enhanced with a custom color of your choice and extra mounting sleeves can be purchased to have the ability to easily change the layout of a disc golf green and hole. Baskets range in price from $500 to $900 per basket depending on type and manufacturer, with additional costs for custom colors, extra basket sleeves, flags, and shipping. We have our favorites as well, so just asked. FYI… the DGPT is considering making baskets for tournaments more standardized, so if you have aspirations for major tournaments… it is best to be aware.

Basket bands can be modified to include branding and sponsor stickers.

Two different basket locations at Highland Brewing #3
Concrete Teepad at Cherokee Fire Mountain Disc Golf Sanctuary


Teepads are generally made out of concrete, however, clients on tight budgets can opt for natural pads. 

We think it is best to have ample room for a run-up from all angles, therefore we think a trapezoid tee pad design is the best option, but rectangular is common. It is critical to have a minimal transition on all sides of the teepad so that the concrete lip does not interfere with a player’s approach or follow-through while driving off the teepad. This often requires earthwork and building up or taking away dirt to ensure a large level area. 

Our team will not only make sure the teepad is constructed properly but that it also has the proper drainage design to ensure that water and dirt do not drain onto the teepad area.

Tee Signs and Course Wayfinding

Tee signs come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from just a one-panel design up to three panels for added information. We advocate for signs that not only give the layout of the hole but also feature a pro tip and/or point out something unique about the hole. 

We also encourage our clients to have space on the tee sign for an advertisement or sponsor. This is one way to create a revenue stream to help pay for the construction and maintenance of the course. Please talk to one of our DGDG team members to better understand the options and costs for tee signs.

Main Sign at Cherokee Fire Mountain Disc Golf Sanctuary
Raven Fork Overlook at the Cherokee Fire Mountain Disc Golf Sanctuary

Course Branding/Promotion

Once you have an amazing course, you also need to let people know about it… and encourage them to come play! DGDG can help you with your course branding/promotion whether it is a new course logo, the signage, or strategies of how to promote your course on social media. We can advise/consult with you, or even help you out with photography, design work, and marketing that can help propel your course forward.