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Design Philosophy

The Disc Golf Design Group, LLC offers exceptional service to our clients which starts with us understanding your desire and vision to incorporate disc golf into your property. We ensure that the land you have allocated for disc golf is utilized in the best way possible based on your parameters while simultaneously working within the constraints of your budget. 

We like to call the courses we design sanctuaries because we can create a wonderful space for people to enjoy the beauty and wonderful energy of nature while playing disc golf.  

Our philosophy is to create memorable courses for disc golf players. We do the best we can to ensure the holes we design are not only fun to play but also challenging. We thoroughly investigate all of the land allocated to identify all unique features and natural elements so that we can incorporate as many as possible into the design. We do the best we can to minimize the walking distance between holes and ensure that the layout has a nice flow to it.    

Wide Range of Course Styles

Our course designs range from simple recreation courses to championship/destination courses for professional competitive players. We can handle everything from course design to construction, to signage and amenity infrastructure for our clients. We have affiliations with all the major disc golf manufacturers and we can supply you with a variety of baskets and other essential course infrastructure options.   

DGDG Guiding Principles

  • We are thorough in the exploration of the land with a keen eye for the unique features the land presents.
  • We are environmentally conscious and design courses that minimize the impact on the land while still ensuring exceptional courses are built.
  • We work collaboratively with the local disc golf community, involving them as much as possible in the design and installation of the course.
  • We consider any and all feedback from the client and local disc golfers when designing courses.  The design is not finalized until we have consent from the owner.  
  • We do the best we can to create courses with multiple tee pads and basket locations so that the course can be enjoyed by both beginners and professionals.
  • We are flexible on what type of tee pads, baskets, and tee signs our clients want to use.
  • We are willing to work with clients who are on a shoestring budget and help them figure out where to make sacrifices to save money.  Generally, this means installing the course yourself, using homemade tee signs and dirt/grass tee pads. Another option is to install a course with 6 baskets that each have three tee pad locations so that an 18-hole experience can still be enjoyed.