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Disc Golf Landed at the LEAF Festival in Black Mountain NC

Disc Golf officially landed at the LEAF festival in Black Mountain North Carolina this past weekend. LEAF festival is by far the most family friendly music festival in the Southeast if not the entire country.  And it got even better with the decision to include disc golf. 

Our Disc Golf Design Group facilitated what we like to call The Disc Golf Experience Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the festival.  Participants were able to go through three different stations that included free putting lessons, driving lessons and a 3-hole mini disc golf course we quickly designed each day. During the lessons, participants learned the four different types of putting styles, essential grips for putting and driving, proper stance, footwork, and utilization of the lower body for more power. After the lessons we facilitated multiple rounds of Ring of Fire giving away all sorts of cool free disc golf merchandise thanks to our manufacturer collaborators.

The Disc Golf experience was a huge success and all the participants seemed to have a ton of fun while learning more about the great sport of disc golf. We also were extremely excited that our tent was located just off the main walk way from one music stage to the other where every person at LEAF walked at some point during the weekend. Needless to say our DGDG team brought a lot of attention to the sport of disc golf and promoted numerous manufactures. Hopefully from here on out Disc Golf will become a main staple at the LEAF festival.

All of this would not have been possible without the help of others, and we would like to thank the following:

LEAF decision makers for including disc golf in the festival and for manifesting their amazing mission. #leaffestival #LeafLove

Professional Disc Golf Master Jonas Card and family for help at the festival.

DGDG team member Jonathan Ross and Benefits Discs for helping at the festival and taking pictures.  #benefitdiscs

Our manufacturing collaborators Innova, MVP and Dynamic Discs for making sure our DGDG team had a bunch of cool stuff to give away.  All the participants were pumped to get prizes.

Please reach out to our DGDG team if you are interested in bringing the Disc Golf Experience to a corporate team building event, a birthday party, another festival or a summer camp.

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