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Interested in working with us on a project? In order to give you the most accurate estimate, we need the following information from you. Please complete the form to be best of your ability. BTW... this form is best completed on a desktop.

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Describe what you want to achieve with the disc golf course. Do yo have a specific plan for the course... especially a long-term plan?

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Do you have an address for the course? If not, can you provide approximate coordinates in Google Maps? A parcel ID (or link to county GIS) would be helpful too.
If you have images of the property, please share. PDF, JPG, or PNG accepted. (Total must be under 20MB)
Describe the type of property. Is it a private lot or a public park? Is it open, flat, wooded, or mixed? Is there water (pond, lake, streams) or other important features? Are there existing building/roads to work around? Has the property been surveyed and marked already?

Course Level/Features, Services and Budget Range

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